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For many years, I have toyed with the idea of calling Sassy Productions a Social Enterprise and after much discussion, we have finally decided that that is the way we are going to go and below is a little insight into why and what it means!

An introductory workshop run by Action Hampshire and Rotary Social Innovation in collaboration with Community Action Isle of Wight at Riverside, was the final push we needed to take the plunge and set up as a Community Interest Company.

Since first setting up back in 2005, we have tended to make films for and about our local community. Our very first film was about Carnival in Cowes and involved filming community workshops and performances. Since then we have worked with children and students in school and out of school, older people in care homes, voluntary groups and charities, as well as council run projects, housing associations and health research innovations.

We also work with local businesses to promote what they do or sell, but again the focus is on the people behind the business and the stories and messages they have to tell.

My own background, firmly rooted in the voluntary sector and personal experiences of poverty and social isolation drive me to help others, educate and inspire and work towards a fairer world.

Being part of the local community, inspiring others to take action and striving to make things better are something that Lucy and I are both passionate about. By officially setting up as a social enterprise we hope to make our aims and motivation clear to others; bring on board others who hold similar values and develop the impact we have by creating more work and pooling resources.

So what exactly IS a social enterprise? Some people I know are sceptical about the term and, to be fair I have my own reservations about the way it is sometimes used, but in essence, it is a business that is set up to make a profit, but that has social impact as its ultimate goal. In other words, the business exists to do good, rather than to simply make money!

I am still working on our Case for Support (something I learnt about through The Fore Trust), but for now, here is a summary of what Sassy Isle of Wight hopes to do and achieve in the coming years:

Vision: To Enable Individuals and organisations on the Isle of Wight to tell their stories and messages through the medium of film and to be heard.

Mission: To record and share stories about people, groups, organisations and projects on the Isle of Wight and South Coast; to encourage others to use film for this purpose and to empower others and promote a sense of community.


- To record and share stories about people, groups, organisations and projects on the Isle of Wight and South Coast

- To encourage others to use film for this purpose

- To inspire individuals to learn and use film with a purpose

- To offer guidance to those wanting to use film

- To use creativity to encourage connection and conversation

Ellen McVicar, kindly agreed to come onto the Board earlier in the summer and it has been great having an extra mind and an extra set of hands to help us to work towards this transition to becoming a CIC.

On Saturday 9th November we have our official launch at Bar 74 on Union St, Ryde. It will be an informal event with a free drink and nibbles for those who arrive promptly at 7pm, followed by a very short film, some optional activities and an open bar for the rest of the evening. We do hope you can come and join us!

Hoping to work with lots more individuals, community groups, charities and small businesses in the future. Do get in touch if you think we can help to tell YOUR story.

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