Pause For Thought

By Lucy Bell

As we have made it through the dark month of January into the slightly lighter month of February, many will have slipped off their new year,s resolution plans. The corks have been popped after dry January, and if we are lucky, we might have a few more pennies in our pocket. So it gets me thinking how do we change and make changes for life? I guess it's about making small realistic changes: cutting down on alcohol; eating more veg; things that are not setting us up to fail. This year I had two resolutions. The first to lose weight and get fitter over a year. I am hoping this is realistic and achievable without starving myself and allowing some blips along the way! The second, which has really changed how I work, is to slow down and consider. People who know me, know I have an idea and used to have to act on it. This is actually a very stressful way to be. Leading to failure, disappointment and stress. Now I am stopping myself from acting on an idea asap. I am writing it down, pondering it over time and finding in a lot of cases I am realising the idea isn't such a great one and am pleased I haven't invested time, resources and hope in something that would lead to disappointment. This also means I have time for other exercise, eating well and my family and friends. I can focus on the ideas I do think are worth pausing and create a better end product and a more relaxed healthy life.

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