Let's Talk About Dying

Death, the last taboo?

Death, the last taboo ?

I am very passionate about the subject of death and dying.

As teenager I wanted to be a funeral director. I’m not really sure what the interest was, but I did work experience at a local funeral director’s for a year.

When I applied for jobs though I was always put through to admin and secretarial jobs. I wanted to be more hands on.

Death happens to us all, Yep like it or not we are all going to die.

I have had four children, with each I made a birth plan, where I wanted to be, which pain relief I wanted and who should be there. I do not understand why as it’s a definite we are going to die, we are not encouraged to have death plan

My dad died three years ago, we didn’t lose him, I know exactly where he is, actually he is in a box on my cupboard as I haven’t been able to bring myself to scatter him yet. He did tell me exactly where he wanted to go but I knew him well enough to know he won’t mind a delay.

In fact Dad and I talked a lot about death. 10 years ago he very nearly died from a bleed on the brain. I remember as he was being prepped for the very risky operation, us talking about him letting me know somehow if here was an after life if he died! He survived, but I remembered that conversation when he did die of cancer some years later.

My Dad had discussed with us what he wanted at his funeral, what he wanted to wear, music etc

I knew he was not scared of dying and that made his death so much easier to deal with.

I am giving this gift to my family and children. I talk about my death and my wishes, we joke sometimes and my children know what song I want. It makes it normal and not frightening.

#death #dying #taboo

Mountabatten Hospice are trying to encourage people to talk about death and are running a week long event called the Art of Dying Well. We are pleased to be part of this and are running an upcycling workshop, making skirts inspired by Frida Khalo. You are welcome to join us from 2-4pm at Bar 74 on Union St, Ryde.

Talking about death is optional!!

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