Eco pocket friendly Christmas!

(By Lucy)

For me Christmas isn’t about receiving presents, it's about being with people you love and being creative and getting cosy!!

I love giving, but I have only ever given as I can afford. Even from a young age I would take my pocket money and divide it up as to how many presents I had to buy. If it was 50p a present that's what I would do!

My young children now do the same. It's a great lesson on how to budget no matter how much you have!

When i was a single mum on benefits my children presents were quite often second hand, I would wash and re package if they were toys. Books are brilliant to buy second hand, so much cheaper and in good condition, no one would no they were pre read!

The joy they gave was the same!!

I would make things, or re package things. Personalise sweets with a sticker saying anti

grump pills or anti fart pills!!

The children would receive useful things from in their stockings like a pack of pants and a fancy tooth brush…my advice would be to ask Farther Christmas to start this as a norm when they are very young! !

As they get Older Father Christmas fills their stocking with edible treats…Pringles are a

favourite in our house!!

My children are used to receiving clothes for Christmas as well as some fun stuff of course!

I used to look all year for presents for my dad. Things like silly retro games from car boot sales. Once I got him walking on water Jesus action toy…It was always fun when he

opened them!

For me what makes Christmas lovely is winter walks collecting fir cones, making paper

snow flakes to stick on the window, eating dinner with a candle for light. Soup and bread.

Warm juice for the kids and mulled wine for the adults, a hot chocolate with squirt cream and board games.!

A walk in the woods to collect bits of fir tree, twigs and cones to make a table decoration, then a warm drink when home is my ideal in

the lead up to Christmas! If I have to get loads of presents for grown up family… I try to keep it simple. shop local, buy a home made soap or bath bomb, or chocolate or a hand made decoration. Sometimes buying a multi pack and splitting it can be good value. wrap it in brown paper or newspaper with a cone tied on. Your gift will look lovely, thoughtful and eco friendly!

Only ever spend to your means. I believe gifts are not about monetary value but

of thought value. If someone thinks otherwise who receives your gift then it is

they who have a problem not you!

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