Bought Myself a New Exercise Machine!

As I mow the garden with my old fashioned mechanical mower I have a thought.

We have spent years making and designing machines for making life easier and jobs quicker to enable us to have more free time.

That free time we use to relax, watch TV, eat, get overweight until we have the realisation we need to get fit, so we join a gym, we jog, we swim, we go to Zumba and dance our butts off with other sweaty people doing exercise in their free time.

We search for mindfulness exercises such as meditation and colouring to free our thoughts and stresses.

We have step goals. We look to see how many calories we have burnt off. We celebrate how far we have run. We get medals to celebrate our achievements and certificates of award.

So here's my Mowing thought

What if we rewind time to a place were the reward for your effort was a nicely mowed lawn, or fresh washing on the line. A juicy tasty carrot or an earthy potato.

Is this something we are all re learning, that the reward doesn't have to be a medal, the reward could be a potato?

We don't need to sweat in gym or dance in a sweaty room to loud music, but can mow the lawn or dig our potato whilst listening to bird song and drifting in our thoughts of the end result or what ever place our mind takes us.

So post Covid-19 could we start afresh rather than fly mow the lawn or go to the gym, have a mindfulness class and praise oneself for doing it, we could mow the lawn with a mechanical mower, clean our houses and scrub our floors, drift away in our thoughts for an hour, look at our work with satisfaction and enjoy a nice cold water to celebrate.

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