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Autumn for me is always a time for reflection and new beginnings. As the days draw in and the sunshine fades, I find myself spending longer indoors, writing and planning and checking that the work life balance I have feels ok.

This year is no exception. It HAS been different and in other ways exceptional, but there is still room for taking on new challenges in this Covid 19 world.

Work for Sassy was fairly quiet this summer – Lucy focussed very much on her art and Sandy on communications and research in the health and voluntary sectors. Developments within Sassy however have continued and I am pleased to announce that we have taken on a new, forth Director, Nikki Finch.

Nikki brings with her a new energy and commercial expertise that will help Sassy to move forward and expand into new areas. More about Nikki in a future blog!

So what are the new challenges that we will be taking on over the coming months?

Taking training online, supporting organisations and individuals to use digital means to connect with their clients/audience and a new project called Artfullness.

Artfullness is all about encouraging people to take the time, space and inspiration to let art into their lives. We will guide people, through exercises, videos and experimentation, to look at the world through different eyes and to develop confidence to pick up a pen, pencil paintbrush or other tool and express themselves. By encouraging regular practice we want to build a supportive community, encourage collaboration and improve mental health and reduce loneliness.

The focus of Artfullness is on using the natural environment for inspiration. By sharing lots of films of the sea, the woods and fields etc we will help those who cannot get out easily into nature, to enjoy some sounds and sights of nature in their homes.

Each week there will be a new focus, with suggested activities and recommended art materials.

Sessions will be aimed at the beginner, the returner and those who feel “uncreative” or anxious about their abilities.

Participants will be encouraged to share their work with others and work towards a group exhibition.

Artfullness will be available for free in the first instance, with contributions requested on a sliding scale.

We will invite visiting artists to contribute to sessions – this will be of benefit to Artfullness participants, but will also act as a supportive free training session for those artists who are not confident with digital/live presentations.

It is a work in progress, so any feedback is welcome!

Join us on Tuesdays for Artfullness Live, please register in advance on eventbrite:

Sandy x

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