All things Sassy

Too many pies?

What exactly DO you do?!

It is true to say that sometimes it looks like we have our fingers in too many pies, and indeed the diversity of our discussions could lead you to believe this.

However everything we do, is for the same aims: story telling, improving confidence and bring community and people together.

Last weekend we were at the Isle of Wight Festival of the Mind, a lovely event where we met wonderful people, listened to some talented musings and watched a variety of dancing. We couldn’t participate in many workshops, although Ellen really enjoyed the art one she managed to do (with MagpieArts), and produced some lovely work (get me, i sound like teacher!)

At the Festival of the Mind it became clear to me about what we are and what we are not.

We are not corporate and glossy, we are authentic and polished.

We are not out to find a story, we are out to tell a story.

We are not out to sell a product, we are out to sell you.

In all that we do I realised as I spoke to people, we do because we believe in it and we really enjoy it. I hope this came across to the people we spoke to, I hope it seemed enthusiastic and not as a sales pitch. It's hard to get the balance sometimes when you are passionate about something.

And as for all those pies we have our fingers in, well I think they make a Sassy meal.

Written by Lucy Bell

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