A formula for Change

Lucy with Peter Tatchell

By Lucy Bell

Last night we went to do some filming at an event organised by Stonecrabs and the Out on the Island project, This is a project to record LBGTQ+ people on the Isle of Wight.

Tonight's event was an interview and question and answer with Peter Tatchell. Peter Tatchell is a human rights activist who has been campaigning for over 50 years. His stories and words were powerful, and I left the evening with a sense that I had gained something, or ignited a burning ember within.

I lay in bed thinking about what he had said, the stories he told in his calm articulate and modest manner. I lay in bed thinking, how you know what to fight for and how to pick your battles?

What I took from the evening is a formula of change:

Does the actions cause harm, pain or upset to another human being? Yes then it is injustice.

Does the action go against something I believe? Yes… then…

Does the action I am against cause, pain or upset to another human being? No then it is ok!

We are all allowed to have opinions, religious and political views but we should not be allowed to let our views affect the lives of others in detrimental way. This maybe a simplistic way of understanding human rights but in a complicated world, sometimes simplicity is what we need to understand and make a change.

Find out more about Peter Tatchell's work here: The Peter Tatchell Foundation

#humanrights #petertatchell #inspiration

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