Time to Embrace Video and Get Connected

Video posts are more likely to be shared on social media than any others.

According to You Tube, which is now officially the 2nd largest search engine in the world, 144 000 hours of video are uploaded every day and 37.1 million adults use the platform.

After all, when did you last go a day without watching some sort of online film?

We watch videos for music, news and entertainment. Many of us also watch videos to learn techniques, to understand concepts, to see who people are and how they interact. The prevalence of "reality tv" programmes shows that as a nation, we are thirsty to find out about other people's lives.

If you run a business, it really can pay dividends to allow your customers into you life, if only for a few minutes and to connect with them. Show them who you are, where you are based, how you sound, what drives you and so on. Film can also be a way of engaging with your clients, perhaps asking them for feedback or tagging them in the post or even including them in your film. If you want to be one of the local businesses that gets noticed, then it's TIME to get in touch.

I find talking over a cup of tea can be a good way to plan what it is you want to say.

If you want to get noticed, you need to make a film - it doesn't have to be an epic and it doesn't have to be full of special effects or trained actors. A simple film of an "ordinary" person speaking can be enough to make your business stand out. We call them MeFilms.

Sassy Productions can help you think about what it is you want to say about your business and what impression you want to give. We'll then help you to get that across to your audience in an engaging way. We won't make you learn a script as we believe this sort of film works better when the subject is relaxed and talking from the heart. You know your business.

Let us help you to share what makes your business special and encourage new people to notice you. We'll save you time and effort by bringing you the benefit of our skills and experience. We want to get you noticed soon, so we aim to get your film edited and shared within less than two weeks.

The video below is not perfect.

It gets a message across...a message that I want you to hear.

The important thing is to get your message out there now and to make your clients (potential clients) take note. Don't keep putting it off.

We think that once you have used film once you'll want to do it again and again.

Here is a quick film we made to encourage you to think about using film:

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