Lucy, Lemons & Luscious Locks

Sassy Sidelines offers random vlogs of life.

In our quest to encourage Joe Blogs to begin using film, Lucy and I agreed to start filming ourselves more regularly too and we thought we'd start with some vlog type posts about thing we do in our day to day lives. We have called this series: Sassy Sidelines, as strictly speaking they have nothing to do with our work.

Unless you are particularly young, beautiful or with an innately strong self-esteem, you are perhaps going to have moments of angst (or perhaps mountains of it) as you watch yourself on film or hear your recorded voice. This is completely normal!

Duncan Davidson explains here why we hate seeing photos of ourselves.

With a bit of practice, you can overcome this fear of seeing or hearing yourself, at least to some degree. Personally, I would avoid googling "how to avoid camera shyness" as you will come across advice such as create a persona; learn your script really well and other rather dire advice from marketing gurus. If you come to Sassy Productions, we'll help you to relax and just be yourself. If you're looking for a slick, corporate style video, we will probably direct you elsewhere.

Of course there are plenty of techniques we can use to try to improve the way we look, from lighting and camera angles to make-up and plastic surgery (not that I'm advocating it), but these we will leave for a future post.

I would like to point out that when we film professionally, we do of course consider lighting and camera angles and will endeavour to capture you in a complementary way!

So all I want to say before I leave you to watch Lucy and her hair is: Don't let vanity or a fear of ridicule stop you from using film in your work. If you have any worries or hesitation about facing a camera, get in touch and I'll talk it through with you. We use cut away shots, can film your hands or even the back of your left ear-lobe if that seems appropriate. Am happy to share some tried and tested methods of getting you to enjoy the film making process. So give it a go.

Get in touch:

And now, here's Lucy continuing to challenge herself to make her own shampoo.

Sandy Ciccognani

Sassy Productions


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