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Evaluation Films From Sassy Productions come without the rigmarole of a Film crew

Sassy Productions will make a “no fuss” film to demonstrate the impact of your project.

We specialise in gathering qualitative evaluation data, helping clients summarise the main outcomes of their project and demonstrating impact.

We offer a pared back service, using minimal technical gadgetry, set up costs etc. Improvements in technology mean we can now offer the best value for money by using a small camera or phone and using external microphones only in certain circumstances.

Our focus is firmly on the subject: concentrating on making those being filmed, feel comfortable and relaxed with the film makers; inspiring them to express themselves; giving them confidence to speak out and be proud of what has been achieved.

There is something about being a woman, and an older one at that, that means we are able to go into many environments in an unobtrusive way, causing as little disruption as possible and keeping the focus clearly on the project being evaluated rather than on the film making process.

We understand the importance of giving people time and of respecting the environment we come into. We never pressurise people to perform, yet we seem to have a gift for getting people to speak to us!

Film offers accessibility in two ways: it allows people to talk about their involvement in a project and explain the impact it has had on their lives – this can be particularly useful when working with children or older people or other groups who may find reading or writing a challenge; film also offers an accessible way of demonstrating what has been achieved – it is easier to watch a short video that to read through a report!

Our satisfied client list includes: Independent Arts, Southern Housing Association, Spectrum Housing Association, Natural Wight, Carers IW; Wootton Primary School, Community Action IW, Aspire Ryde, Barnardos IW, Nettlestone Primary, IW Council.

Want to make your own film?

We can offer consultancy and in house training sessions on basic film making techniques; interviewing skills for film; using your smart phone to capture footage; uploading films to the web; using film footage on social media.

We can then edit your footage into a short film, for example, combining video with written quotations from clients and quantitative data you have collected. Even short snippets of workshops and events can have the power to show impact for people.

Using film can add real emotion that tends to be lost in the written and graphical form.

Find out more about using film for evaluation here

Get in touch: sandyciccognani@gmail.com

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