Be Brave & Use Film

Using Film for evaluation helps you to capture and demonstrate impact

Have you ever wished you could share things that people say at the end of a project? Do you wish someone had filmed the applause or captured the tears in someone's eyes as they tell you how much their life has changed for the better?

Having worked in the voluntary sector for many years, I have seen over and over again, the positive effect that a service, group or new experience can have on people. Very often, the organisers gather details from clients through questionnaires and write up valuable reports to funders, but ultimately much of the hard work is "forgotten" and rarely is it shared with the wider community.

In these difficult times when funding is extremely hard to come by, it is even more important that you show the impact of your work.

By using film, even in a very simple way, you can demonstrate to a wide audience what has been achieved.

Many people make the assumption that their clients "won't want to be filmed", but we have found that, given the right approach even the most reserved of people change their minds and want to have their say.

Film is accessible in many ways, but for me, one of the most significant is that it gives people the opportunity to be heard.

Trading Up 4 Change is a project to support people on the Isle of Wight to become self-employed through a unique opportunity working Community Action Isle of Wight and Sabirian CIC.

Do get in touch if you would like to talk about how you might introduce film into your evaluation process.


For further information see here

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