One Dodgy Ankle Meets Artful Posture

Give Neurokinetic Therapy a try.

This week we made a Me Film with Wendy of The Artful Posture.

As is our way, Lucy and I both chose to try out the therapy for ourselves and were amazed at how it works.

In my student days, I managed to fracture the ankle of my right leg and now that I am ageing (not so gracefully) it has come back to haunt me and, particularly when tired, I end up limping (in a none too graceful way!). When Wendy of The Artful Posture suggested I try Neurokinetic Therapy, I had no idea what she was talking about. She explained that she is a manual therapist offering soft tissue techniques and Primal Movement rehab exercises to reduce pain and optimise your bodies performance and I'll admit, I was none the wiser!

I decided that I would go ahead any way.

At my first session, she carried out a series of tests, then applied pressure and release techniques in various places and re tested me. It was incredible how quick some of the changes were and how accurate her assessments were. My understanding is that the treatment is about releasing tension and then retraining your brain to stop over compensating etc It's complicated, but based on good research.

I will leave Wendy to explain it better in her film ...

As for my ankle, it's still dodgy and needs more work, but a couple of sessions with the Artful Posture has been enough to give some pain relief and renewed belief that we don't always have to put up with all our pains long term but can actively work towards recovery. It takes time, effort and support from a good therapist, but our bodies are remarkable things and Neurokinetic Therapy is definitely one to try.

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