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New Year's Resolutions, in my opinion, are best started mid-January when all the media hype has died down, the Xmas excesses have naturally been put to rest and we've had a few days to start planning the year ahead.

This year, alongside all the usual self-promises to get fit and healthy, I have committed to keeping a journal - perhaps in someway hoping it will act as a prophylaxis to memory loss! Spending a few moments each evening to mull over the day's events, emotions and plans is already proving to be a positive practice and amongst other things, it has reminded me how much I enjoy writing things down and creating a semblance of order.

In addition to my night time scribblings I have decided to attempt once again to write a regular blog. Whether this becomes a daily, weekly or monthly occurrence is yet to be seen, but expect a flourish of entries in the first few weeks.

Lucy and I have begun videoing ourselves too - It is quite simply, hypocritical to tell others to use film, if we avoid using it ourselves!

So please subscribe to our new You Tube Channel and do encourage us by liking them as they come up and sending us your feedback. It may seem a little random at first, but there has been some thought to what we are doing ...

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