Neglected Blogging & Portfolio Careers

A long time has passed and a lot of things have happened since I first intended to start a blog.

I now find myself in a place of flexible, full-time occupation (some of it paid and some of it voluntary). I am enjoying an exclectic mix of film making; office based work for a voluntary car service; communications work for Community Action IW; PPI work with the Wessex CLAHRC; volunteer buddy for the health trainer service and last but by no means least my involvement with Shademakers UK carnival group. I am also training to swim the Solent this summer; part of a small team organising a kite festival; member of a rowing club and mother of two teenagers.

I have, what is called, a portfolio career!

I have, what I would call, a good balance.

My intention with this blog is simply to record some of the things I do and learn over the next few months.

#blogging #neglect #newbie #portfolio #career

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