Patchwork FILMS

Tell your own story and be part of a bigger story!

Patchwork Films are collaborative pieces bringing together individual stories of Island events to form a bigger story & inspire a sense of community.

What are Patchwork Films?

• A showcase of an event or project from the viewpoint of many individuals

• A collaborative film that inspires a sense of community

Why Make a Patchwork Film?

• Showcase you, your event and your organisation

• Share and celebrate in a unique and vibrant way

• Enable people to be part of something bigger

How does it work?

We edit together gathered footage to create a short film that can be shared quickly and simply online

How much does it cost?

£120 - £500

Get noticed, get in touch

Email: or Tel: 07812573935

Sassy: lively, bold and full of spirit

Together, we tell your story!

Many people video things that excite them but never quite know what to do with the footage. By taking part in a Patchwork film, you can be part of something bigger and have a reason to film what is going on around you. Next time you attend a local event, think about what it is that you most enjoy; what surprises you, gives you a thrill or makes you sit up and pay attention. It could be a band, a performer, a creative activity or the interaction of unlikely characters. It may be the juxtaposition of two unlikely things - something that seems to happen quite a lot on the Isle of Wight!

Patchwork films follow on from the Denim Doodle project and a number of other collaborative works that we have led or been involved with.

Encouraging members of the public to take part in creative activities leads to really interesting conversations, unexpected connections and inspiring interactions. By creating an environment of sharing and togetherness, we can create something that is not only beautiful but also healing/therapeutic and inspirational. Promoting intergenerational and cross-cultural activities can help to develop understanding, more empathic thinking and social unity. 




Tel: 07812573935


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