Ryde Winter Warmers

This year, 2020, Bar 74 and Monkton Arts bring you a variety of events to brighten the dark days of January

15th Jan Lindy Hop Class  19:00-20.30 Bar 74
16th Jan Word Spoken Song  20:00-22:00 Bar 74
17th Jan Vocal exercise class with Annalisa 10.30am £3 Monkton Arts
17th Jan Bass & Treble Jazz Evening 19:00-21:00 £10 Monkton Arts
18th Jan Pride Fundraiser  19:30 Bar 74 £5 Tickets here
18th Jan Dave Packer & Co Jazz, Blues Musical Mix  18:00-20:00 £8 Monkton Arts
22nd Jan Lindy Hop Class  19:00-20.30 Bar 74
24th Jan Vocal exercise class with Annalisa 10.30am £3 Monkton Arts
24th Jan Coppersmith Original Plays* 19:00 Bar 74 Tickets here
25th Jan Veggie Pop Up Presents Vegan Cheese & Wine Night 17:30 Bar 74
26th Jan Coppersmith Original Plays* 15:00-19:00 Bar 74 Tickets here
29th Jan Lindy Hop Class  19:00-20.30 Bar 74
31st Jan Vocal exercise class with Annalisa 10.30am £3 Monkton Arts

*about the Coppersmith Plays

Angels in the River - Frances lives alone, well not entirely alone. There is Helen, and also Sarah. They like living with Frances. They like to look after her. And they do not want to leave, because it’s dark in the river. But Frances wants a proper life. She wants to start again. The solution? A party! Some people fit in well with society’s rules while others struggle. Using archetypal symbolism and mythology, the interplay of these characters creates an unsettling world of shifting loyalties, innocence and dependence, an abstract world of light and shadow, a feeling of floating and sinking in this unpredictable stream


Whatever Happened to Tom O’ Bedlam? - In early modern Britain, before the development of mental health institutions, Tom O’ Bedlams were a popular part of the English cultural landscape. They were itinerant entertainers playing the Lunatic and “madly decked and dressed all over in ribbons”. In the 17th century, however, Britain saw the beginning of modern society, and attitudes towards lunatics and beggars became far less tolerant and by the 1660’s the Tom O’ Bedlams had entirely disappeared. This play considers the plight of two such wanderers, Tom O’ Bedlam and his traditional partner Mad Maudlin, and asks, “Whatever happened to them?”


Tel: 07812573935

Email: sassyiw@yahoo.com 

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