Outdoor Swimming

Connecting through a love of the sea.

In early 2019 we formed an online group called Outdoor Swimming Isle of Wight on Facebook and within a few months over 200 people had joined. 

The aim of this page is to act as a place of reference for those who do not use Facebook but would like to connect to others who swim on the Isle of Wight - Feel free to contact Sandy Ciccognani for further information about swimming on the Isle of wight - sandy@swimthewight.co.uk

Sassy Isle of Wight does not run this group or organise activities on a formal basis, but its directors are keen outdoor swimmers and are happy to support and encourage those who are new to outdoor swimming. We will also do our best to put you in touch with others who live nearby and wish to swim in company.

It is known that swimming, particularly in cold water, has benefits for both mental and physical health. By connecting with others to take part in activities, we are more likely to continue going. Forming new friendships with people who have similar interests, means that even when you don't feel like exercising, you may well go, just for the company or so as not to let others down. 

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