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Sell yourself online


Use film to tell people who you are


It isn’t easy to do, but with our help you can make a good impression.


We can give you tips on what to say and how to put your ideas across.


Let us save you some time and help you get better results by giving you the benefit of my experience. What have you got to lose?


If nothing else it’ll give you something to watch and be proud of; something to remind yourself of all your good qualities and achievements; a small boost to your ego!

Everyone wants to know a little bit more about you these days before they get in touch.

How many of us go online and “google” a person or business before going on a blind date or buying goods or services?

If your only online footprint is your facebook page, then perhaps it is time to make a MeFilm and get that out there instead, so that YOU are in control of what people know about you.