Denim Doodles

Bringing People Together One Stitch at a Time!

The Denim Doodles Project is about bringing the community  together and encouraging people to have a go at sewing in a relaxed and unpressured way

What Are Denim Doodles?

  • Patches of left over denim decorated with stitching Simple & easy to complete in a short time

  • Patches that can be sewn or strung together to form a larger collaborative piece of art

  • Experimental bits of sewing

  • An activity that inspires conversation 

How Do We Work?

We provide all materials needed, We Pre-thread needles which means you can start sewing straight away.

We give instruction if needed and we stress that there is no right or wrong way, but offer help where wanted. You may chose a theme or topic as a basis for creative work and/or discussion.

We can also provide content at an event, which if out side includes our traditional bell tent. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Get in touch if you are interested in having Denim Doodles at your event or if you would like to take part in an exiting group

Why Do Denim Doodles?

  • Get people together to sew

  • Encourage friendships and connections

  • Share sewing skills

  • Help people find new ways of relaxing and de-stressing Inspire creativity

  • Create a beautiful collaborative art piece 

Denim Doodles aim to:

  • Get people together with others to sew 

  • Encourage new friendships and connections

  • Share skills

  • Help people find new ways of relaxing and de-stressinghoices

  • Inspire creativity

  • Create beautiful pieces of collaborative work

This is a simple project, inspired by a trip to The Eden Project's Big Lunch Extras programme and developed with ShademakersUK. We want to show that sewing can be simple and fun. Sewing is for everyone and can be done anywhere.
DenimDoodles are pieces of denim cut from old jeans that are embroidered or otherwise decorated. They are then sewn together to form a "blanket". The first blanket was used for the picnic at the Flying Lunch event on the 10th May 2015 at Yaverland Meadow, IOW.
The idea of StreetSewing is to bring sewing out into the open and engage people in conversations.

Several years on, we are still continuing with the DenimDoodle project and have now connected it to Sassy Productions’ Patchwork Film Project. Both projects are about encouraging creativity and connectivity by playing a small part in a bigger thing! They are both about exploring what you can do with a few basic tools and how a bigger picture can be created by bringing people together.

We offer an events package where we pitch our lovely  bell tent, provide a creative space for the public. This can be commissioned on its ow or in conjunction with with our Patchwork Films.

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