Patchwork FILMS

 Be part of something bigger!

What are Patchwork Films?

A Patchwork film is a made from a number of submitted clips. We edit together the footage to create a short film that can be shared quickly and simply online.

We offer online training to enable you to film in a professional way using your mobile phone, then simply send to Sassy to edit.


A Patchwork film can showcase of an event or project from the viewpoint of many individuals, Make use of clips filmed in the moment and can be a collaborative film that inspires a sense of community.

Why Make a Patchwork Film?

• Showcase you, your event and your organisation

• Share and celebrate in a unique and vibrant way

• Enable people to be part of something bigger


How much does it cost?

From £120

Get noticed, get in touch

Email: or Tel: 07812573935

Together, we tell your story!


Patchwork films follow on from the Denim Doodle project and a number of other collaborative works that we have led or been involved with.

Encouraging members of the public to take part in creative activities leads to really interesting conversations, unexpected connections and inspiring interactions. By creating an environment of sharing and togetherness, we can create something that is not only beautiful but also healing/therapeutic and inspirational. Promoting intergenerational and cross-cultural activities can help to develop understanding, more empathic thinking and social unity. 

Patchwork Films